My name is Cat. I’m a 20-year-old non-binary trans person from the Wiradjuri people. I am chronically ill - severe fibromyalgia, epilepsy and neurological impairments stemming from these, as well as autism.

I am extremely poor, living on the generosity of my partner and friends. I cannot work, and all my attempts to receive government assistance have been denied.

I tried crowdfunding once a few months ago, but because of Australia’s strict laws regarding online money services, I couldn’t prove my identity adequately, and my fundraiser was shut down.

Despite my need, my family have refused to help with my needs. Over winter, I starved. The cold weather resulted in nerve damage in my fingers.

To make a long story short: I need a powered wheelchair. A wheelchair that suits my needs is very expensive (some $5000, without extras that I will need). Walking causes me extreme, widespread pain and severe fatigue.

The total sought sum is $8000, covering the chair, as well as some of the expensive therapies I need. I have put off vision therapy for a year, and as a result, my eyesight has deteriorated to the point where I can no longer read books. I also need cognition and physical therapy.

If by some miracle, I exceed my needed amount, I will be donating all extras to charities such as Guide Dogs Australia, and other programmes that assist the disabled in our community.

If you cannot donate, please share if you can. If anyone wants or can donate perks, that is equally as welcome.

Thank you for reading.

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I’m selling this sample corset. Check my etsy to find out more. Www.etsy.com/shop/SnowBlackCorsets
#corset #corsetmaking #underbust #busk #corsetforsale #steelbones #rtw #SnowBlack #SnowBlackCorsets

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corsetier: Armando Gabriel couture corsetry

links: Facebook

location: Portugal

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I need a red corset 😻 #allblackeverythangg

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It’s feel-like-a-Disney-princess time again! two inch reduction!

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Fun patterns and bright colored satin make for a lovely combination. #cs411 #corset #red # waisttraining #orchardcorset #ootd

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corsetiere: Bound by Bond

links:  Facebook

location: Canada

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model: Absentia

corset: Corsetry&Romance

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This is popantique

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Wearing my Josephine laced down to twenty-three inches

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I’ve been away from the internet for awhile, but not without my corsets.  Here’s proof: a (lightly) cinched waist from my early-morning air travel today.  I’m looking forward to finally getting to all of the asks that have been waiting for me.  Thanks for being patient!

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You Asked ‘em, We Answered


You Asked ‘em, We Answered

Questions to Orchard Corset’s First Live Q and A
Twitter Session! Oh…and the Answers Too!

questions-answersOn Wednesday, August 20th, several members of our wonderful Orchard Corset family joined four of our fabulous, OC staffers for our first Twitter Q and A session. Lots of great questions were asked, a few awesome corsets were given away and much fun was had.

@orchardcorset: We’re LIVE for our first…

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In the past, I operated on a queue system; meaning some clients would be waiting weeks and weeks for their piece after they had paid, and I would end up having to take a long hiatus in order to clear that queue.
As of September 1st, I will be taking 5 commissions per month ONLY. These slots are…

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#18thcentury #corsetry #stays #historiccostume #theatrecostume #broadway bound just like #outlander #bodice #renfaire

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