I've been wearing corsets since I was way too little to be wearing them- and I've never found a corset blog I have enjoyed more than yours! Just perfect. Keep up the wonderful work, ladies <3

Thank you darling! We love all of our fans and appreciate your kind words! <3


Custom ‘Lady Esha’ Corset in Jade/Gold (pictured)

A spectacular opportunity to commission a completely bespoke corset from ‘The Lady Esha’ series by Vanyanís. ‘Esha’ is an Indian name meaning ‘desire’, which we believe perfectly suits this range of luscious corsets that make use of the finest quality antique saris. This listing allows the Vanyanís designer to do what she does best - design and create something spectacular, focusing attentions on meticulous pattern-matching and intricate craftsmanship. The design process makes the best use of the delicate pattern woven through the brocade, and because each sari is completely unique, exact duplicates of previous designs are not possible. This makes your corset one-of-a-kind; a true heirloom piece that’s an example of the very best of modern couture corsetry.

The listing is for a custom underbust corset, made to fit your individual measurements and featuring a very limited edition jade and pale gold fabric, with small details woven in purple. The main colour is incredibly tricky to photograph, in some lights it looks teal, and others almost a peppermint or even emerald green -it’s incredibly luscious. The design of your corset will be inspired by the original Lady Esha corset (pictured above), but will not be identical.

Click here to view all product information and details.

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WIP for Kathtea Katastrophy. I ran out of flossing thread with only three sets left XD

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Finally me and my team started custom service for that wonderful uniform set!


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Comtesse Léa

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Coughing in a corset is not pleasant

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Crochet pattern for Dark Princess skirt, crochet - buy now on Ravelry

I made up the pattern for this skirt, when I couldn’t find one I liked. I don’t have too many opportunities to wear it, since it looks best with a petticoat underneath, but I still love it.

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Corset Help!


This is going to be very vague, but I’m looking for the corset company that sells corsets in two categories. One of those categories had corsets with very natural looking fabrics, dark browns and pinks. There were also a few polka dots in there. It was kind of a Little House on the Prairie vibe. The other category I think was rockabilly style. But I can’t remember. Does anyone know which company that is?

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 Insectarium model Jana Berlin photos : Madame Peripetie

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Masuimi Max, photo by Shannon Brooke Imagery

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Idolatre Clothing Show VI by gAkPhoto

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Waist training. It’s not tightly laced so it’s not damaging any organs, lol. Just restricting my food intake and helping my posture.

Considering corsets aren’t made with whale boning anymore they aren’t going to damage your organs not matter how tight you lace it.

Corsets were never made with whale bone it was made with baleen and even then that won’t damage your organs unless you’re sharpening it to a point and stabbing yourself with it

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Steel Boned Lace Up Corsets available for those who want to waist train in the traditional way. Steel Boned Lace Up Corsets are sexy and playful. Make sure to read thoroughly and size correctly before purchasing. Visit www.SnatchMyWaist.com. (link in bio) Get Snatched!!! #snatchmywaist #waisttraining #corsettraining #hourglassfigure #getwaisted #smallwaist #corsets #waistcinchers #snatched #whatsawaist #snatchitback #waisted #waisttrainer #waistshaper #nowaist #snatchedwaist #hourglass

Uhm that’s from orchardcorset ?
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