Tonight, I took my dress off, looked at myself in my underthings, and decided then and there to love EVERY inch of me. And the more I looked at myself in that light, the more I started to love the parts of me I’m normally self conscious about. The stretch marks that wrap around my upper thighs (they look much lighter in this picture), my dimples, my fluffier areas, and even my boxy nose are good and lovely and I’m glad I have them.

It feels really good to take control of my self-image for the first time in a very long time. YAY ME!

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I love waist training this women looks stunning had to post

Why didn’t you just fucking reblog it straight from her?

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You look so elegant and put together

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Blac Chyna is not our client but she WAIST TRAINS!!!🔥🔥🔥Top Seller!!! - Snatch My Waist Black or Nude Latex Waist Cincher available now! Lose 1-4 inches off your waist in 30 days. www.SnatchMyWaist.com. (link in bio) Click square in top right corner of mobile site to view size chart. Get Snatched Today! Cinchers ship from here in 7-10 business days. #snatchmywaist #waisttraining #corsettraining #hourglassfigure #getwaisted #smallwaist #corsets #waistcinchers #snatched #whatsawaist #snatchitback #waisted #waisttrainer #waistshaper #nowaist #snatchedwaist #hourglass

Lmfao the photoshop

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so I’m going to start my waist training again..

That corset is made for fashion and dress up not waist training. It has plastic boning and is bending at the waist

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corsetiere: Wicked Lady Corsets

links: Twitter

location: UK

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Hi Mary! I just watched your "Betty Doesn't Like Fireworks" video where you mentioned waist training with a corset. I love corsets (I'm wearing one in my pic) and you can find some lovely steel boned ones for (relatively) cheap-ish at the website corset-story! They have some specifically for waist training (24 bones instead of 12 for more support and shaping) under $100, and excellent quality. They come in under- and over-bust in lots of colors, maybe you'll find one you like.

gordoananke answered:

Yeah I’ve been looking at there! I definitely want one that is specific for waist training. It’s a body mod that I’ve been into for ages, and I’d love to actually start working on it for myself.

I just want a white, underbust corset that isn’t too pricey but that i can wear for like 20 hours a day.. I’m looking around for the best deals.

You should never train in corset story. Their corsets are boned with rusted scraps

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Cinched to a 24” for bed time. Disclaimer (my laces are only loosely about my waist to keep them from hooking and untying while I sleep. I do not suggest during normal wear to tie tightly about the waist with your laces as it can warp the steel boning)

It doesn’t warp the boning. The friction will make the fabric fall apart

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Just chilling.

I see you’ve tagged this waist training and I just wanted to let you know it’s really not advisable to train in an off the rack overbust.

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hey guys do any of you wear corsets? would you suggest any online shops? where to stay away from? i dont want to do any hardcore waist training but i would love a decent quality and cute overbust corset to wear sometimes for things. any tips at all?

Stay away from corset story !! Thecorsetauthority.tumblr.com/brands

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Can someone tell me what a good age would be to start corseting?

18 years old just like any other body modification

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Corsetiere : Carlos Daniel Rivera Pagan
Company : Innova Corsetry
Location : Puerto Rico

That corset looks so comfortable!

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Selling Corset


Sell ​​my never worn corset from Morgana Femme Courture MF1349 Longline Victorian hourglass.
Unfortunately ordered too small and too much Hourglass for me.
Satin black with modisty panel.

Laced dimensions, see pictures:
Outside measured:
Under bust: 73cm
Waist: 61cm
Hip: 90cm
Bust: 28.5 cm
Center back length: 28cm
Along length: 27cm

Shipping from Germany.
Original price € 250
Sale price 150







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Corset and butterfly wings by Mr. Pearl, designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier for his 2013 Fall Haute Couture collection.

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Helena Christensen in Thierry Mugler

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